Our Principles

Train as you fight

We study how you operate and define your reality as our starting point. We build upon your doctrine and add our decades of experience in a variety of operational environments to help you improve your results in training and operations and to stay safe. We do not assume anything but make sure that all training takes into account your existing tactics, equipment, leadership structures, rules of engagement and experience.

You can train with our trainers, work with your own trainers, or combine both approaches into a train the trainer process.

Force on Force

The effectiveness of a skill depends on the context in which it is used. We therefore base all training exercises on simulations of how a given adversary would fight you. We have decades of experience in analyzing threats and their tactics. This is especially important whenever facing novel threats.

We have particularly rich experience in preparing military, police and security professionals for encounters with violent non-state actors (VNSA). Our method for profiling these adversaries and predicting their behavior is unsurpassed in the professional world. This is supplemented by our leading expertise in improvised weapons and explosives and the means to counter them.

Facilities and Equipment

Our facilities near Frankfurt Airport, Germany, offer a high end environment for training in counterterrorism, firearms, IED/EOD, climbing and rope access, explosive breaching, CQB, close protection, counternarcotic operations and terrorist profiling. Our task-oriented stock of weapons and military hardware is among the best in Europe and allows authorized personnel to train appropriately.